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CSR at Nabha Power Limited

NPL integrates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its operational framework, emphasizing social and environmental considerations. Drawing inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi's trusteeship principles, NPL has initiated socio-economic growth projects across various villages. These projects, shaped by local customs and values, have contributed significantly to the well-being of the local communities.

For NPL, CSR goes beyond regulatory compliance; it is an avenue to engage with neighboring communities meaningfully. The company's sustained approach to CSR has fostered goodwill and a collaborative spirit. Local communities actively participate in the CSR planning process, working in conjunction with NPL towards shared goals. Addressing the developmental needs of these villages is a team of professionals, backed by a comprehensive CSR committee. This team meticulously plans, monitors, and evaluates the diverse CSR projects.

Nabha Power's initiatives focus on enhancing education, empowering rural women, and equipping the youth for financial self-reliance. Efforts directed towards rural infrastructure development and health promotion have significantly improved the quality of life for the local inhabitants. Additionally, NPL's skill development centers offer vocational training, enabling many women and young girls to embark on entrepreneurial ventures.

Acknowledging the essential roles of education and healthcare, NPL has allocated resources to upgrade healthcare infrastructure and augment existing facilities in the villages. The company is also committed to elevating the quality of government schooling. As part of this commitment, dedicated teachers have been engaged to enhance student proficiency in subjects such as Mathematics and English.

NPL continues to expand its engagement with the local communities, consistently adding to its portfolio of impactful projects. The overarching goal remains the promotion of inclusive growth, aligning with Nabha Power's CSR ethos: "Together Towards a Brighter Future."

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy 

Corporate Social Responsibility Action Plan ( April 2022 - March 2023)

CSR Committee Composition

Name of the Member Status
Mr. Y.V.S. Sravankumar Chairman
Mr. A. R. Soni Member
Ms. C. Niranjana Member
  • Welfare Schemes

    Shagan Scheme 

    Financial assistance to needy families on occasion of marriage of daughters to meet their marriage related liabilities. 

    Female Child Scheme 

    To support the cause of female child and restore equality by keeping correct gender ratio, financial assistance to newly born female child in term of fixed deposit of Rs. 21,000/- for period of  10 years. 

  • Skill Training

    Skill Training for Girls 

    To make the young girls/women self-reliant through skill development and to engage them in income generating activities, NPL running skill training centres in 11 Villages where around 350 girls are getting training in different trades like Stitching, Embroidery, Knitting, Beautician .  

    Women have been encouraged to start income generating activities ,keeping in view the above five Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed in association with Cooperative Bank. 

    Skill Training for Boys 

    NPL equipped ITI Rajpura with advanced Welding workshop worth 60 lacs where students got opportunity to learn latest welding techniques. Apart from this NPL also contributed to upgrade the Fitter and Mechanical workshops and carried out repair of machinery and renovation work. 

  • Water & Sanitation 

    To improve the sanitation conditions of the village, construction of drains to outlet the waste water which accumulated on the streets and is major source of water/mosquito born diseases. 

    Apart from this NPL taken another initiative to develop and clean the village ponds which can be remodified as a source of water for irrigation and recharging of ground water. 

  • Health & Environment


    Upgradation of existing Govt. Health Centres to facilitate people to have access to basic health services at local level. NPL supported for additional infrastructure like Doctor/Patient room and renovation/repair of existing infrastructure. 


    In order to sensitise the farmers about the harmful impact of Stubble burning, NPL taken an initiative in association with Energy Harvest and setup a Pelletizer project in village Mirzapur. Total 300 acre land had been covered to collect paddy straw and used for Pellet production which can be used as a fuel in certain industries. 

    Plantation drive also initiated by NPL and distributed samplings in schools and villages.  


  • Rural Development

    NPL contributing the towards the development of rural infrastructure which is a immense need of the villages because of limited or short of funds at panchayat level. NPL carried out various construction works which includes New & Repair of Existing Infrastructure like Roads, Community Sheds, Culverts, Drains, Health Centers, Community Centers etc. These works benefits the people/society at large and bring significant change in overall ambience of the village.  

  • Community Engagement 

    Meetings are being organised with the Village Panchayats and Community People to discuss the ongoing CSR initiatives and also to get their valuable feedback/suggestions for the future planning. It’s a platform which enables to understand their needs and problems which can be taken into consideration for sustainable solutions.  

  • Education & Sports


    In order to make the Educational Institutions well equipped to meet their basic requirements like Class room, Aganwari buildings, Cycle Stands, washrooms, Renovation of classrooms, sitting desks, Furniture. Efforts are made to make the academic atmosphere more creative and attractive for children. 


    In order to promote sports culture in rural areas and to encourage Youth towards sports, NPL carried out construction of Sports grounds which equipped with all around fenced , Basketball court, Volley Ball court and open ground . Apart from this NPL organises Rural Sports Tournaments twice in year for the CSR target villages teams who participate in Volley Ball, Kabbaddi, and Tug of War events