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Training & Development

NPL’s state-of-the-art Training Centre, located at the heart of the Plant Premises, is a unique place for Individuals as well as Corporates in the Power industry. The Centre is equipped with an advanced simulator for 700MW Supercritical Thermal Power Plant operation and with eminent professionals for imparting expertise on various nuances of Thermal Power Plant operations.

The Centre aims to provide a professional training experience, at the best price, to meet power industry standards and to contribute to the improvement of overall power plant operations. The Centre offers various courses that cover technical and functional areas, along with on-site and on-job technical training, for Individuals and Corporates associated with Thermal Power Plant Operations.

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Training Programmes

  • SIMULATOR TRAINING PROGRAMME – 700MW Supercritical Technology

    • Objective:

    To train the engineers on simulator, a technological replica of supercritical thermal plant, to make them self-reliant and experienced on aspects of safe start-up, safe shutdown and reliable emergency handling response

    • Designed for:
      • Newly recruited Power Plant Engineers
      • Power Plant Supervisors and engineers who need hands on experience to operate supercritical thermal power plant

    • Objective:

    To train engineers on specialized technical and functional areas of thermal power plants including its latest trends and innovations

    • Designed for:
      • Newly recruited Power Plant Engineers
      • Power Plant Supervisors Power Plant Engineers with experience up to 2 yrs
      • Candidates aspiring to pursue career in Thermal power Plants
    Module Name Duration (Days)
    Power Plant Familiarisation 12
    Environmental Management and Safety aspect at TPP 5

    • Objective:

    To enrich the knowledge and upgrade the skills of Power plant professionals to deal with changing business requirement

    • Designed for:
      • Power Plant Engineers with experience from 2 to 5 years
      • Power Plant Supervisors
    Module Name Duration (Days)
    Power Plant Operations 6
    Electrostatic Precipitator 3
    Efficiency &Performance Monitoring of Boiler & Auxiliaries 4
    Efficiency & Performance Monitoring of Steam Turbine & Auxiliaries 3
    Control & Instrumentation 3
    CHP Operations & Maintenance 3
    AHP Operations & Maintenance 3
    Boiler Maintenance Practices 6
    Steam Turbine & Generator Maintenance Practices 4

    • Objective:

    To lay a strong foundation of knowledge and proficiency to enable the engineers to effectively handle their responsibilities in the respective functional areas.

    • Designed for:
      • Power plant engineers and supervisors with more than 5 years experience
      • Power Plant Engineers & Supervisors targeting to develop core competence in specific areas
    Module Name Duration (Days)
    Boiler Operation & Control 5
    Power Plant Performance, Efficiency & Monitoring 5
    Power Plant Protections 6
    Maintenance Planning & Cost Control 3
    Reliability Centered Maintenance 3
    Power Plant Chemistry 4

    • Objective:

    To recapitulate the acquired skills and knowledge

    • Designed for:
      • Professional who need area or asset specific trainings
      • Participants who have already undergone training in any of the above categories
      • Participants who need customised training modules from the above categories